About Us

Shandong Sanxing Machinery Manufacturing Co. is a production enterprise founded in 1994 with a expertise in the manufacturing of customized carrier trailers and other heavy duty vehicles and their accessories. We operate a massive production facility that covers more than 350,000 square meters staffed by more than 600 employees and over 50 technical personnel. Our primary products include concrete mixers, cement tank trailers, dump trucks, and carrier vehicles. Our intelligent production workshops operate with optimal efficiency and we can deliver up to 10,000 units each year. Over the years, Sanxing has become synonymous with quality and impeccable service as we have earned outstanding praise from our customers in China and all around the world. Details

    1. Custom Service

      Sanxing is equipped with an R&D team made up of 50 technical professionals that are outfitted with highly advanced automatic welding equipment that allows us to create custom products according to your specific requirements.

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    1. Factory Tour

      The Shandong Sanxing Machinery Manufacturing Co. factory spans across an astounding 350,000 square meters and is staffed by more than 600 employees.

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